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Add a Spicy Kick to Your Coffee; Here's How!

Add a Spicy Kick to Your Coffee; Here's How!

Posted on April 20 2022, By: Jen Valenzuela

Add a Spicy Kick to Your Coffee; Here's How!

Can I add spices to my coffee? YES and here's how.

Give your coffee some oomph with spices from the spice cabinet. Here are five things you need to know about adding flavors to brews that will boost up its taste!

Sometimes, you just need some coffee imagination. That's why we've got the perfect solution for those of us who want our caffeine fix without all that extra sugar and fat!

When you're on the go and need a quick boost of energy, there's nothing better than coffee. But have you considered adding some spice?

Which spices can I add to my coffee?

From cinnamon to clove buds - spices can really up your favorite morning drink! In this article we'll explore ways for making sure those cups are packed not only with flavor but also healthy ingredients like ginger or cayenne pepper which add extra health benefits when enjoyed in moderation (and don't worry about them derailing any diets).

The wonderful world of spices and flavors is right at your fingertips when you add them to coffee. From cinnamon, nutmeg cardamom cloves allspice star anise ginger or mixed spice (Mixed Spice), apple pie spice pumpkins patches etc., there are plenty ways for making this delicious drink more enjoyable than ever!


The rich chocolate flavor of mocha is a favorite for many coffee lovers. To make your own, simply add cacao nibs or cocoa powder to grounds before brewing and you'll get an amazing taste that will have everyone asking what kind of magic was used in making this drink!

Cayenne pepper

If you want to take your coffee drinking experience up a notch, try adding chili or cayenne pepper. A little goes such long way so don't overdo it!

Lemon peel

If you're looking for an interesting way to wake up in the morning, try adding some lemon or lime peel. The tangy taste of this fruit will give your cold brew a unique twist that's sure not be forgotten!

How do I add the spices to my coffee?

To add spice to your coffee, you can either sprinkle ground spices onto the brewing grounds or mix in some hot liquid before pouring it over.

Grinding whole spices with your coffee beans not only gives you a more intense flavor experience but also saves time and effort. You can either use separate grinders for these ingredients or just wash clean any leftover bits from previous pots after brewing them together in one pot!

How much spice should I add to my coffee?

The perfect ratio of spice to coffee grounds is a matter of personal preference. Some people like their morning coffee strong and robust, while others prefer it more weakly brewed with flavors that meld into each other well without being overpowering or cloying during drinking time; there really isn't one "right" answer except for whatever suits you best! If adding whole spices like cloves into your grinder balls then work up from 1/4 teaspoon perBall until achieving desired effect.


Dried spices are much more intense than fresh, so you should add around one teaspoon of whole spice to get the same flavor. Tastes will vary depending on what tastes good for your dish - just adjust accordingly!

Additional ways to add spices to your coffee

There are a lot of ways to add flavor and aroma into your coffee. You can use just about any spice or herb that you like, depending on what scent suits the taste in mind - from vanilla extract for those who enjoy their caffeine with something sweet right up through chili powder which will make it spicier!

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Add some flair to your morning coffee with these creative ideas for flavoring it. For a floral twist, sprinkle lavender flowers on top or add them during grinding; if you want an extra refreshing drink try peppermint oil in addition!

Cut down on bitterness - Pro tip

When making your spiced coffee, cut down on the bitterness factor by adding a pinch of salt to grind basket. You can either leave this step out if you like milder flavors or just add it in for more complexity and balance out those favors!

And that is how to add spices to you coffee! I hope this inspires you to look through your spice collection and get creative in the kitchen. 

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