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Do flavored coffees have sugar?

Do flavored coffees have sugar?

Posted on May 06 2022, By: Jen Valenzuela

Do flavored coffees have sugar?

Do flavored coffees have sugar?

In other words, ...Are Flavored Coffee Beans Unhealthy?

There is a lot of misinformation about coffee out there. One popular myth being that adding flavoring to your cup will make it have extra sugar or calories, but this just isn't true!

Flavored coffees provide an extra kick in our morning cup of Joe, but do they also pack on the pounds?

No. Coffee beans are only flavored with natural or synthetic flavor oils. These additions to the roasted and ground coffee enhance its final taste, which can be extracted from vanilla sources such as cocoa butter in addition other spices like cinnamon and cloves for an interesting twist!

If you want your coffee to taste better, try adding some flavor! A cup of black brewed beans contains about 3 calories. But when we add sugar and dairy into the mix it can easily hit 6 or even 7 apiece per serving--depending on how much syrup was used in each pump-so don't be afraid if this is happening;

Just make sure not too go overboard with what tastes good because 20 extra unnecessary calorie doses won’t do anyone any favors while trying lose weight.

How you pair your coffee can make the difference!

Not to mention many times coffee is not to blame! How many times have we enjoyed a cup of coffee with a carb packed dessert like a (few) donuts or delicious baked treat? Doesn't that sound delicious?

How many times have I paired a cup of gourmet flavored coffee such as a delicious cup of French vanilla gourmet coffee paired with a French pastry or two, three. :)


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