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How to Taste Coffee Like a PRO

How to Taste Coffee Like a PRO

Posted on January 07 2022, By: Jen Valenzuela

How to Taste Coffee Like a PRO

The key to enjoying any coffee, from a local cafe to the finest espresso in town is simple - open up your taste buds and explore new worlds. It may seem daunting at first but it doesn't take long before you're craving more complex flavors!

Tastes can be many things - sweet, sour or even bitter. But when you taste coffee for the first time it is most commonly smelled before tasting and this will affect your opinion of what kind if drink would suit you best!

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So don't feel bad about not knowing anything much about coffees other than their price tag; we're here with all sorts helpful tips on how to enjoy them as well-tasting any rare roast from humble OK Coffee First's Company's signature blends at home.

Understand the Elements of the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Can you remember the best cup of coffee you've ever had? What are the  elements that you remember?

The complexity of flavor is one thing we look for when evaluating the quality in coffees. There are many taste notes that play well together, such as baker's chocolate and caramel or even earthy flavors with odd hints citrus fruit juice (which could be found on some premiums). For example, our famous Mexican Chocolate coffee has hints of brown sugar and cinnamon. Most coffee sellers have the taste notes in their online product descriptions. You may be amazed when reading the descriptions of the coffees you currently drink have unique flavor notes that you never noticed before. And when you taste the coffee again looking for them, they become more noticeable in taste or smell.

If you're looking for the perfect coffee, take note of what happens to your drink as it cools. Great coffees invariably get more interesting and tasty with every passing minute; if there's bitterness or sourness present in hot brew then this could be an indication that something needs attention before its too late!

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Slowly Inspect Each Sip

To start, take a sip of coffee. Now imagine that you are drinking the entire cup in one go - from top to bottom and side-to finger across your whole mouth area! This is not as difficult when it comes with some practice since most people usually do this without thinking about their technique too much during everyday life...

As strange as it may sound at first glance; identifying flavors does not require any kind special license because all tastebuds have basically same functions. 

It's hard to describe what tastes like a vanilla bean, but you can tell the difference between some chocolates and others. There are many families of flavors in coffee—earthy or fruity might be at their core; they also come with spices such as gingerbread cookie dough that give them complexity from sweetness.

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What kind is your favorite? The Specialty Coffee Association has an easy tool for differentiating among types based on how strong each one taste vs its cousin(s). Starting simple by identifying just three kinds will help get any palate warmed up!

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Smell Before you Sip

The chemosensation system in your body is what provides you with sense of taste and smell. When drinking, it's important to pause for just a moment so that all the different smells can register with your brain before taking any sips or tastes - post grind when smelling those fresh beans; inhaling after pouring over water so as not leave anything behind on top (especially if doing French press); first sip through an espresso shot where one might tilt their head back slightly while tilting cup close enough toward nose making sure bloom has been fully wetted by hot steam).

When you grind your own beans, take the time to really appreciate their unique scent. While brewing, smell the whole bean. Post-grind is when you get ready to take that first sip and should do so by inhaling bloom (first wetting) before tasting any coffee grounds at all! Tilt your cup over nose during this process for added effect - it'll warm up your brain like no other...

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Brewing Method Does Not Matter

Tasting coffee is a well-specified technical procedure called cupping. We avoid this and so should you, unless your plan on becoming an expert in grading or roasting beans!

We all have our favorite coffees, and for some of us it's important to be able to talk about them with expertise. For example if you're an entrepreneur looking at launching your own brand from bean-to cup there is no better way than learning how different varieties taste differently in order decide which ones will work best! But oftentimes professionals don't want this type focused attention on their everyday cups because they can get overwhelming or cloudy depending what kind. 

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Luckily, we have a better way to enjoy your coffee with our online coffee shop! Our team of professional baristas have selected the finest quality beans for each of our coffee collections. You can brew them any time and find out what they're really like without having to worry about cupping or grinding too much. You don't have to worry about being a coffee expert because our team at OK Coffee First are the coffee experts for you. 

Training the palate takes time and practice... but now it's fun, energizing, yummy! Sip your coffee with a smile! Be sure to taste our flavored coffee!

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