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Is Your Morning Coffee Still Safe to Drink in the Afternoon?

Is Your Morning Coffee Still Safe to Drink in the Afternoon?

Posted on December 01 2021, By: Jen Valenzuela

Is Your Morning Coffee Still Safe to Drink in the Afternoon?

Is Your Morning Coffee Still Safe to Drink in the Afternoon?

Learn if your coffee is still safe to drink in the afternoon. You know the moment when life gets in the way and a perfectly good cup of coffee is waiting for us to return and drink it. First of all, how DARE you do that to a cup of coffee? LOL Well...

And every day, I wonder if there's a point where the potential risk outweighs the benefits. "Can I still drink this coffee?"

Turn to the coffee experts at OK Coffee First to find out here:

So, is coffee safe to drink after several hours? 

The answer may surprise you. Black cup of joe should be fine as long as it doesn't have milk in it and if your determined to still drink the icky stuff (as I often am) make sure that when making a fresh pot or bottle for yourself use wholemilk--no skim!

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What if you find a coffee with milk in it?

When properly stored and refrigerated, this can last for up to a week past its expiration date. However, be mindful that the fresher your drink of choice is when served-the better quality will likely taste!

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Is the flavor of your coffee affected?

Just as with anything that goes rancid, after about two weeks and before you know it--roasted beans will start to taste bad. This can also happen very quickly! As soon at brewed cup cools down enough for its oils go away (about 30 minutes), then within 4 hours they're gone forever; so make sure not plan on drinking any more than one or two cups today unless there's an emergency :)

Will microwaving my idle cup of coffee kill the bacteria?

Now, we're getting science involved. While microwaves can kill pockets of bacteria, because they heat from the outside in and do not penetrate deep enough into food or drink to reach a bacterial cell's DNA. They often leave behind areas with cold temperatures which are ideal for these harmful organisms; so relying on them as an effective way to get rid of any potential illness-causing microorganisms is questionable at best! Sorry, did that kill the mood?

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Does the water in the coffee spoil?

Is your water going to waste? Water can absorb flavors from its environment which change its flavor (especially if it's left in a particular pungent place like the refrigerator), but even uncapped glasses are drinkable for weeks after they're poured because there isn't enough bacteria or matter living within them. 

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