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7 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Coffee

7 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Coffee

Posted on January 11 2022, By: Jen Valenzuela

7 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Coffee

The health benefits of coffee are undeniable. 

There are many reasons to love coffee, but did you know it can also make your skin healthier?

Our online gourmet coffee provide all the beauty benefits listed so be sure to order and drink up today!

Caffeine is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It's no wonder then that serious caffeine addicts may want switch their favorite beverage from regular old black brews for this more powerful skincare drink!

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It's one thing to drink coffee because you need your morning caffeine fix - but it can be even better when we know there are all these benefits inside our favorite beverage!

A new study conducted by researchers at Utrecht University Medical Center found that drinking several cups per day was linked not only increased skin cell turnover but also greater signs off aging such as wrinkles or age spots caused from sun damage - indicating better protection against UV rays due your liver repairing damaged DNA strands through Regular consumption .

If that doesn't make you want to get drinking a nice cup of coffee now, I don't know what will! Let's dive into the amazing skin and health benefits of coffee.

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1. Combats Acne

Would you like to get rid of your acne and tighten up those pores? Well, we've got some good news! The antioxidants and chlorogenic acids found within coffee grounds may make them an effective acne-fighting facial scrub. Also, drinking a cup or two might do the trick! Coffee is full antioxidants, stimulants (which can help reduce oil production), chlorogenic acids that are good for fighting inflammation in skin cells. Plus it may protect against some strains bacteria too- giving this drink its reputation as an effective treatment method from centuries ago until now! Be sure to try our mint coffee to get those antimicrobial and antioxidants to combat acne.

2. Anti-aging

Coffee beans are a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can protect your skin from UV damage. The caffeine in them, as well as chlorogenic acids have been proven to fight photoaging like wrinkles or discoloration because they keep us looking young!

3. Natural Sun Protection

Coffee is a rich source of UVB protection for the skin. Drinking coffee can help you maintain your bronzing potential, but it's not just about getting browner - there are other benefits too! The compounds in this plant have been proven to filter out harmful light waves within 280-320nm while letting through those that would harm our complexion giving us all kinds or fighter fuel when outside during summer months.

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4. Celulite Reduction

Cellulite reduction? This was once a supermodel beauty secret for decades! You better believe it! The cafestol and kahweol - a group of terpenes found in coffee, may be able to help reduce your skin's cellulite. Taking coffee grounds and exfoliating areas with cellulite can see an improvement. This coffee scrub works by the caffeine helping to dilate blood vessels that dramatically reduces the "skin dimpling" appearance of cellulite.

5. Perfect for Skin Eye Care Area

The caffeine in coffee can help reduce the inflammation around your eyes and make them look more awake. If you suffer from under-eye bags or puffiness, adding a shot of espresso may be just what's needed! 

6. Skin Firming Properties

Coffee grounds and oil have been used for centuries as a skin- firming beauty treatment. Caffeine, an ingredient in coffee beans causes your blood vessels to dilate which brings fresh new life into older looking tissues by increasing circulation; this helps fight inflammation while also reducing puffy eyes caused from under inflated cells!

Our customers LOVE the skin firming properties of our cinnamon hazelnut coffee! 

7. Improves Hair Growth

Coffee is a great way to help combat hair loss and promote healthy growth. It contains an anti-inflammatory property that can reduce the inflammation in your skin, which may lead you having healthier looking tresses!


Coffee is a great way to get your daily dose of caffeine, but it may also have some hidden benefits for the skin. Freshly ground coffee beans are more effective than packaged or instant coffee. But before you start experimenting by brewing various types at home make sure that you're not allergic to coffee and always talk to your dermatologist.

If you're on a quest to find the freshest gourmet coffee online, be sure to check out our online coffee shop at OK Coffee First

Thanks for reading!

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