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Types of Coffee Beans and What Makes them Unique

Types of Coffee Beans and What Makes them Unique

Posted on February 15 2022, By: Jen Valenzuela

Types of Coffee Beans and What Makes them Unique

Types of Coffee Beans and What Makes them Unique

Why does coffee come in different types?
The most common type of bean for sale is Arabica, which accounts 60-70% globally but only about 30%-35 percent specifically within America. Other varieties include Robusta (25%) and Corsica blends(5%). What do these terms mean anyways?! You may be wondering - here's a quick overview!

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Coffee is one of the most important beverages in our daily lives, but it's often hard to find out what kind you should drink. There are many different types and styles that all have their own unique qualities - like how some coffees might be smoother than others or more bitter depending on how they're roasted! Let me tell ya', this can make choosing sometimes overwhelming when there isn't enough time for trial-and error.

Let's Talk Coffee Beans!

The four primary types of coffee beans are Arabica, Robusta and three varieties known as Liberica. These differentiating characteristics help to define the taste profiles in your favorite brew!

Drum roll... Let's hear it for the 4 types of coffee beans... 🥁 


Arabica is the most common type of coffee grown in North America. It has a sweeter, more delicate flavor and tends to be less acidic than other varieties while still being strong enough for those who love their caffeine fix!


Robusta, the second most popular coffee species in global production behind Arabica. It has a reputation for being strong and often harsh with an extremely high level or caffeine which makes it resilient compared to its cousin - arabica plants have less resilience due their lower levels caffeine.

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The rare and exquisite Liberica coffee beans are grown in very specific climates with production far too scarce for farmers to scale their operations. The fruit of this labor is an aromatic blend that has been compared by many as having the taste like flowers or even wood; yet it also carries notes reminiscent towards other Irving coffees such us Indonesians we know so well--with its own unique characteristics shining through nonetheless!


Excelsa is the delicious, unique coffee you've been looking for! It's grown primarily in Southeast Asia and boasts an appealing tart flavor with hints of fruitiness. Some say it has a light or dark roast profile to create your perfect cup depending on preferences.

Excelsa is a coffee bean that’s often sought out by enthusiasts for its unique characteristics. It has attributes of both light roast and dark roasts, which creates an interesting profile not found in other types on the market today!

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Coffee Time?

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