The Best Pour Over Coffee Beans

Pour-over coffee is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods in the world.

If you enjoy making pour-over coffee and prioritize its quality, it is important to select the appropriate coffee beans for brewing. The quality of coffee beans is crucial in determining the taste of the coffee.

That’s why it’s important to be cautious while purchasing pour-over coffee beans. Considering the significance of coffee beans in pour-over brewing, I have chosen to provide you with a comprehensive guide to assist you in selecting the finest coffee beans for pour-over.

We will also talk about the factors you need to consider before purchasing the beans. As a purchasing guide, it will assist you in selecting the appropriate type of beans. Therefore, even if the brands I have mentioned here are not to your liking, you have the freedom to select your own coffee beans.

Let’s start.

Factors to keep in mind when purchasing coffee beans for pour-over-coffee

1) Verify the degree of roasting

Although medium roast is commonly selected for pour-over brewing, it’s worth mentioning that individual taste preferences can differ. Certain people may have a preference for lighter roasts in order to experience the distinct flavors of the beans, while others may find the stronger and more intense character of dark roasts more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to assess the degree of roasting of the beans prior to purchasing them.

2) Familiarize yourself with the different types of beans

There are two main kinds of coffee beans, arabica and robusta. Both are recognized for their distinct flavor and scent. You have the option to select any of them. Please verify the variety of beans you are purchasing.

3) Ensure that the beans are of good quality

Just purchase beans that are fresh. If the coffee beans are too aged, they will not give you the pleasant scent and flavor they formerly had when they were new. Therefore, while selecting pour-over coffee beans, ensure that they are recently harvested.

4) Purchase little quantities initially

If you are new to pour-over brewing, it is advisable to purchase the beans in smaller quantities initially. This manner, you can experiment with various coffee beans without spending too much money. Once you determine which beans are most suitable for you, you may purchase them in bulk.

5) Taste descriptions

Varying kinds of coffee beans possess distinct flavor characteristics. You have the freedom to select the specific beans that have the flavor characteristics you desire. Nevertheless, please review the notes before to making the purchase.

7 Top coffee beans for making pour-over coffee

1) Lavazza coffee beans, roasted to a medium level

This package includes 2.2-pound bags of high-quality whole coffee beans for filtering. With this amount, you can easily make several cups of coffee.

These beans are roasted to a medium level and have a great balance between the subtle flavors of lighter roasts and the stronger, deeper flavors of dark roasts.

These beans are produced from 100% natural Arabica, which is recognized for its excellent quality and smoother taste. The beans are meticulously mixed and roasted in Italy, a country famous for its skill in coffee.

This specific combination showcases the scents of milk chocolate and toasted hazelnut, contributing to the entire taste by providing depth and richness.

These pour-over coffee beans are adaptable, allowing you to use them with different pour-over brewing equipment including Chemex, Hario V60, and others. Regardless of whether you have a nut allergy, you can utilize these beans as they have been packaged in an environment free from nuts.

These beans possess flavors reminiscent of chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.

2) Illy Classico coffee beans

Classico Medium Roast is a well made coffee made from a variety of high-quality Arabica coffee beans sourced from different parts of the world.

This traditional roasted coffee provides a pleasant blend of tastes, distinguished by a lasting sweetness and subtle hints of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine.

With a dedication to honesty, illy caff√® has been acknowledged on Ethisphere’s roster of the world’s most ethical companies for nine straight years.

The Classico Medium Roast is crafted solely from 100% Arabica coffee beans, guaranteeing a coffee of excellent quality and rich taste.

In order to maintain the taste and intricacy of these coffee beans, they are enclosed in a distinctive pressurized packaging technique. This new method improves the scent of the coffee and ensures that it stays fresh for you to enjoy.

3) Coffee beans from the Copper Moon Sumatra blend

Copper Moon’s Sumatran dark roast is a strong and tasty coffee blend obtained from the distant areas of Indonesia.

This high-quality dark roast provides a velvety, smoky taste, enhanced by hints of herbs, roasted almonds, and a natural earthy scent.

Copper Moon Coffee is recognized for offering high-quality coffee that you may prepare in the convenience of your own home. Their whole-bean coffee is free from gluten, genetically modified organisms, allergens, and has been certified as kosher.

These beans are roasted in individual batches, making them perfect for coffee enthusiasts who like to grind their beans at home. It may be made using many pour-over brewing methods as Hario V60, Chemex, and others.

4) Coffee beans roasted to a medium level, ready at 8 o’clock.

8’O Clock Coffee Beans delivers enjoyable medium-roast coffee beans that provide a balanced and tasty coffee experience.

These roasted beans symbolize the brand’s oldest recipe and are made by skilled Roasters, who meticulously choose high-quality Arabica beans from Latin America to East Africa.

The beans are roasted to a medium level, resulting in a cup of coffee with pleasant and fruity flavors that are enhanced by a well-balanced aftertaste. The beans utilized in this product are 100% Arabica beans, recognized for their exceptional quality and flavor.

In addition, the coffee is recognized as Kosher, meeting rigorous purity criteria. 8’O Clock Coffee is dedicated to the environment and backs the coffee farming community through collaborations with other coffee organizations. By purchasing these beans, you are indirectly supporting other coffee producers.

5) Kicking Horse drip coffee beans

Kicking Horse Coffee provides a medium roast, whole bean choice that offers a pleasant, tasty, and enticing flavor experience. This mixture honors the grand Canadian rocky mountains referred to as the 3 sisters.

The flavor profile of this coffee is balanced and intricate, showcasing hints of sugary tobacco, ripe fruit, and chocolate.

To completely appreciate its flavors, it is suggested to brew utilizing methods like French press, drip machine, pour-over, and cold brew.

The coffee beans utilized in Kicking Horse Coffee originate from Indonesia, Central, and South America. They come from farms that are socially and environmentally responsible, helping farmers who have sustainable businesses they can depend on.

Kicking Horse Coffee is widely recognized for its organic, Fairtrade, Kosher, and Shade Grown certifications. This guarantees that the coffee is not just of excellent quality but also made in a manner that is just and advantageous for both coffee consumers and farmers, while also taking into account the well-being of the planet.

Prepared in the Rocky Mountains, this coffee captures the true nature of where it comes from. The rich and flavorful tastes are enhanced by the skilled coffee makers located beneath the majestic Canadian mountain range.

By choosing Kicking Horse Coffee, you may enjoy a flavorful and fulfilling cup of coffee while promoting sustainable practices and ethical sourcing in the coffee business.

6) Lavazza Italiano coffee beans with a medium roast

This item includes 2.2 pounds of Lavazza Espresso Italiano whole bean coffee. This mixture showcases a moderate roast level, leading to a well-balanced and enjoyable taste profile.

With a rating of 5 out of 10 in terms of intensity, it provides a gentle and pleasant sensation. The pleasant scents of this mixture are fruity and flowery, improving the whole sensory experience of the coffee.

The Lavazza Espresso Italiano mix is created solely from 100% Arabica beans obtained from Central and South America. These beans are chosen with care to provide a richly fragrant and tasty cup of coffee.

The mixture has a delightful flavor with a full-bodied texture, embodying the essence of classic Italian espresso.

This blend is well-suited for making espresso, but it can also be used in any type of coffee machine, so you can enjoy its unique flavors and attributes no matter how you brew it.

Whether you like a shot of espresso or another type of coffee, Lavazza Espresso Italiano provides a flexible choice that ensures a pleasant coffee experience.

With Lavazza’s knowledge and dedication to excellence, you can rely on their Espresso Italiano whole-bean coffee to provide a gratifying and genuine Italian coffee experience in the convenience of your own home.

7) HILLS BRO coffee grounds

Hills Bros’ whole bean coffee is crafted from a flavorful combination of premium Arabica coffee beans that have been skillfully roasted.

With every cup, you can anticipate the consistently excellent taste that Hills Bros is famous for providing. The Dark Satin mix provides a rich, intense, and lively taste character.

It is a special blend of Arabica coffee beans gathered from different parts of the world and is specifically roasted to give a robust and intense flavor with a silky finish.

In order to make the finest cup of coffee, Hills Bros suggests using 1 tablespoon of their original roast coffee for each 6-ounce cup of water.

You can modify the quantity of coffee to match your individual taste preferences. After opening the package, it is advised to put the top back on and keep the coffee in a cool and dry area to maintain its freshness.

Hills Bros coffee is certified as both Kosher by the Orthodox Union and gluten-free, guaranteeing that it adheres to rigorous dietary guidelines. This enables a broader spectrum of customers to savor their tasty coffee without any worries.

Coffee bean varieties that are better suited for pour-over coffee

These are the coffee beans that are most commonly used for pour-over brewing.

1) Arabica

Arabica beans are widely preferred for pour-over brewing. It is because of their excellent flavors and scents. These coffee beans possess a more intricate taste character. They have hints of fruit, flowery, and acidity. Arabica beans are also recognized for creating a mellow and harmonious cup of coffee.

2) Strong

Robusta beans are an additional kind of coffee bean, recognized for their greater caffeine level and more intense, sturdy flavor. Although not as frequently utilized for pour-over brewing as Arabica beans, some coffee connoisseurs appreciate the heightened strength and richness that Robusta beans offer.

3) From a single source

Single-source beans are derived from a distinct geographical area, such as a specific country, region, or even an individual farm.

They display the special qualities of the particular cultivation area and might provide different tastes and scents. Single-source beans are preferred by individuals who value the subtle and unique characteristics of coffee.

4) Mix

Coffee blends are made by mixing beans from different sources to produce a specific taste or balance. Blends can provide a nice mix of various flavor characteristics and can be specially made for pour-over brewing. They can offer intricacy, equilibrium, and uniformity in the cup.

What are the advantages of selecting coffee beans instead of coffee grounds?

If you’re still unsure about whether to choose beans or grounds after deciding to buy the beans, I can reassure you by explaining the advantages of choosing beans over coffee grounds.

1) Quality

Coffee beans maintain their freshness and flavors for a longer period of time compared to pre-ground coffee. By grinding coffee beans right before brewing, you can guarantee optimal freshness and maintain the smells and flavors of the beans.

2) Ability to customize

By grinding your own coffee beans, you may adjust the grind size to match your favorite brewing technique. Various pour-over methods necessitate precise grind sizes to provide the best extraction.

By utilizing entire beans, you have the freedom to modify the size of the grind to correspond with your pour-over apparatus and attain the preferred taste and intensity.

3) Longer duration of freshness

Coffee grounds have a briefer period of freshness in comparison to whole beans. After the coffee is crushed, it starts to quickly lose its freshness and flavor. Entire beans, if stored correctly, can maintain their quality for a longer duration.

This allows you to purchase beans in bigger amounts and grind them as necessary, guaranteeing a dependably fresh cup of coffee.

4) Economical

Purchasing roasted coffee beans is consistently more affordable than coffee grounds. Therefore, if you have pour-over coffee several times daily, you can accumulate significant savings over time.


Here, I have you covered with the finest coffee beans for pour-over coffee. While the kind of coffee beans is not the sole factor in creating a quality pour-over, it can significantly influence the flavor of the final coffee.

That’s why, if you truly enjoy pour-over coffee, it’s important to be mindful while selecting the coffee beans. I trust that this post will steer you in the right route to do that.

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