How to Adjust the Coffee-To-Water Ratio For French Press

Based on your desired strength of French press coffee, experimenting with different ratios until you find one that meets your preferences is essential in producing tasty results.

An appropriate water/coffee/water ratio helps avoid either overextraction or under-extraction which could result in bitter-tasting coffee brew.

For optimal French press results, it’s best to begin by boiling your water – this ensures a constant temperature throughout brewing.

Water to Grounds Ratio

A great cup of French press requires the perfect ratio between coffee and water. Doing this unlocks its full flavor and intensity; using too little water leads to grounds under-extraction that results in bitter coffee; too much water leads to thin and watery brew without much depth of body or flavor.

French press coffee should ideally contain 1:12 ratio of coffee to water; however, this ratio may differ depending on desired strength of brew and personal preferences. The best way to discover what works for you is through trial-and-error until a formula emerges that works perfectly.

When experimenting with French press coffee ratios, using a scale will ensure accurate measurements are taken. This is especially essential when creating large batches. A standard measuring jug in your kitchen may also be able to help measure out ingredients accurately.

When making french press coffee, selecting an appropriate grind size for your beans is of vital importance.

For optimal results, coarse and even grind sizes that are slightly larger than what would normally be used for drip brewing should be used; additionally, spring or filtered water with increased mineral content will help maximize flavor extraction from each bean.

The Golden Ratio

As with any brewing method, there is usually an ideal ratio that ensures balanced flavor and strength without becoming excessively concentrated or bitter. For French press coffee brewing this ideal ratio can range anywhere between 1:15-1:17; though other variations exist as well.

While many may assume adding more grounds will make their coffee stronger, that’s actually not the case; how you brew and steep your cup is much more influential on its flavor profile than adding extra grounds would be.

As such, our ratio works so effectively for French press brewing – it ensures your brew will be perfectly balanced, strong, and smooth. Of course, the strength of your cup ultimately comes down to personal taste and can be adjusted by using different ratios and grinding sizes.

There are two methods for determining how much ground coffee to add to a French press: by weight or volume. We advise using weight because it provides more precise results.

Alternatively, liquid measuring cups and other methods provide a less accurate method; once you know how much coffee you need for each brew session simply multiply this figure by its ratio and add water according to this ratio.

Grind Size

Grind size can help determine how much is extracted from coffee by altering its water intake rate, making penetration easier or harder, and the rate at which dissolving begins. Coarser grounds will need longer steep times, like cold brew, while finer grounds (such as espresso) require much shorter steeping periods.

When using a French Press, the key to successful coffeemaking lies in your grind size selection. Aim for medium to coarse grains for the optimal experience – too fine and your grounds could end up gritty or silty!

That is why most people opt for using a grinder instead of purchasing pre-ground coffee from your grocery store.

An important element of making delicious French Press coffee is steeping time. Four to five minutes should provide sufficient time for steeping, so as to extract all its delicious flavors.

When steeping coffee, avoid stirring or swirling it as this slows down the process and may lead to overextraction of bitter compounds and flavors.

Once brewing time has ended, you can press the grounds down gently so as to preserve their delicate seeds. At this point, you should have an incredible cup of brew to help kickstart your morning or give a boost during a busy day!

Steeping Time

When using a French press, it’s essential that the coffee steep for at least 4-6 minutes before straining out, to prevent over-extraction which could otherwise lead to bitter and unpleasant flavors.

But you should find what length works best for you individually based on personal taste and experimentation.

The coffee-to-water ratio in french press coffee brewing is an extremely influential factor that will dictate its quality. Experimentation will reveal which ratio best meets your personal tastes.

Try different ratios until you find something that satisfies you – starting point should be 1:12 but feel free to experiment further depending on desired strength and flavor profiles.

Once you’ve determined the ideal ratio between coffee and water, it’s time to brew! Begin by heating water to about 200degF and grinding your beans, followed by pouring a small amount of water over them and waiting until you see “blooms” of bubbles form on top of the surface of water.

Bloom is a sign that your grounds are releasing gases, which will allow more flavor extraction from them.

Once this stage has completed, add the rest of your water slowly in small increments until all has been used up, giving the ground coffee time to steep properly without over-extraction ruining your morning coffee brew. Once steeping time has ended, your beverage is ready!


In conclusion, mastering the art of adjusting the coffee-to-water ratio for your French press is the key to unlocking a world of rich, full-bodied flavors in every brew.

By understanding the delicate balance between coffee grounds and water, you can tailor your French press experience to suit your taste preferences, whether you crave a bolder, more robust cup or a milder, nuanced flavor profile. 

Experimenting with different ratios allows you to fine-tune your brewing process and discover the perfect equilibrium that suits your individual palate.

So, armed with the knowledge of coffee-to-water ratios, embark on your French press journey and savor the joy of a perfectly crafted cup that reflects your unique coffee preferences.

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