What Alcohol Goes With Coffee

Coffee and alcohol, when mixed together, form a pleasant combination, providing a wide range of tasty coffee cocktail options. Whether you like a warm cup of coffee, a fast shot of espresso, or a cool iced coffee, some distilled spirits go great with coffee. 

In this tutorial, we will examine the realm of coffee and alcohol combinations, offering you ideas on which alcoholic drinks go well with your coffee.

1. Whisky

The strong and rich taste of whiskey pairs well with coffee, whether you want your coffee plain or with a bit of milk or cream. When it comes to whiskey, certain varieties are more suitable than others for adding to coffee. 

Choose Irish whiskey or bourbon to elevate your coffee experience. Think about giving the traditional Irish coffee a try, which includes adding brown sugar and heavy cream to make a comforting and tasty mixture. If you’re interested in a refined variation, discover the realm of Kentucky coffee, which includes honey liqueur to enhance the sweetness and richness of your coffee.

2. Distilled spirit

Why decide between coffee and brandy when you can savor them both in one glass? It’s as easy as mixing a shot of brandy or cognac with freshly made coffee, or you can get imaginative with drinks like the French Connection, which blends the nutty taste of amaretto with other components for a calming and energizing beverage.

3. Alcohol made from fermented sugarcane or molasses.

Rum, recognized for its adaptability, goes really well with coffee. The inherent sweetness of rum pairs well with the strong flavors of roasted coffee beans. 

Experience the Pharisäer coffee, a German beverage that blends flavorful Jamaican rum with a scoop of whipped cream for a pleasant variation. Vanilla rum is also great for making espresso martinis when combined with coffee liqueur and iced coffee.

4. Liqueurs made with cream

Irish cream liqueurs such as Baileys or RumChata have a two-fold function in coffee, adding a touch of alcohol while also serving as a creamy alternative to milk or cream. 

You can use them by themselves or combine them with other spirits that go well with coffee to make a pleasant and enjoyable drink.

5. Liqueur with a hint of almond flavor

If you like a less intense taste in your coffee, you might want to try adding amaretto, a sweet almond liqueur that has a slight touch of bitterness. 

It goes well with both hot coffee and cold brews. You can also try mixing amaretto with coffee liqueurs, brandy, or rum, as shown in the Café Caribbean drink.

6. Liqueur made from hazelnuts

Hazelnut liqueurs such as Frangelico, which also have hints of cocoa, coffee, and vanilla, are great to pair with any type of coffee. 

These spirits are stronger than amaretto and go well with Irish cream for a delicious Nutty Irishman coffee.

7. Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur

Occasionally, the most ideal combinations are those that precisely complement flavors. Kahlúa, a coffee liqueur made with rum, highlights the flavor of coffee while also providing delicate notes of chestnut. 

Give it a go in the Café Royal recipe for a straightforward yet powerful coffee cocktail. You can also try out different coffee liqueurs to get unique flavor experiences.

8. Cocoa-based alcoholic beverage

Coffee enthusiasts, celebrate! Chocolate liqueurs, particularly rich and smooth options such as Dorda and Godiva, add a pleasant combination of chocolate and coffee flavors to your drink. 

Try using a top-notch dark crème de cacao, such as Tempus Fugit, to enhance the flavor of your coffee with some sweetness and richness. Chocolate liquors can also go quite well with stronger spirits, as demonstrated in the Brazilian Café drink.

9. Caramel Liqueur

Similar to caramel in taste, butterscotch schnapps brings a pleasant variation to both hot and cold coffee. The taste of the liqueur can easily substitute caramel syrup in your coffee, resulting in a drink that is suitable for dessert with just one pour.

10. Anise-flavored liqueur

For individuals who enjoy trying new flavors, herbal liqueurs such as sambuca provide interesting coffee experiences. The anise-flavored sambuca improves the taste of coffee, creating a distinctive blend of flavors. 

Experience the traditional combination of coffee and sambuca, or enhance your espresso with a touch of sambuca for a pleasant Italian-inspired indulgence.

11. Witch

Hailing from Benevento, Italy, Strega is a lively yellow liqueur that is blended with saffron, mint, juniper, and about 70 additional plants. It is sometimes referred to as the “witches liqueur” and provides an intriguing touch to your coffee.

12. Scandinavian spirit

Aquavit, mostly infused with caraway and dill, adds a delicate and fascinating herbal touch to your coffee. This Nordic beverage is a great option for individuals looking for distinctive coffee combinations. 

In Denmark, you can savor kaffepunch, a potent coffee beverage created by pouring coffee over a coin until it turns transparent in a glass filled with aquavit.

13. Fernet-Branca

To create an excellent coffee beverage after dinner, you may want to combine coffee with your favorite amaro. 

Fernet-Branca, with its mixture of 27 herbs, roots, and spices, brings a potent, invigorating, and mildly bitter aspect to your coffee, resulting in an intriguing blend of tastes.

14. Orange liqueur

Fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages can also improve your coffee experience, with Grand Marnier being a famous instance. The cognac blends nicely with coffee, bringing a subtle touch of citrus and sweet vanilla to your cup. 

Adding a splash of Grand Marnier to your coffee, garnished with a hint of orange zest, makes for a pleasant post-dinner beverage.

15. Chambord

Chambord’s enticing black raspberry taste makes it a great accompaniment to hot coffee drinks and adds a fun fruity twist to espresso. 

Adding cognac to Chambord gives it a pleasant touch of vanilla and citrus flavors, which makes it a lively option for coffee. Try mixing Chambord with cream liqueurs or your favorite creamer to make a distinctive and tasty coffee experience.


Ultimately, the realm of coffee and alcohol combinations is extensive and thrilling. Whether you like the traditional pairing of Irish whiskey and coffee or are curious about the strong flavors of herbal liqueurs, there is a coffee drink ready to please your taste buds. 

Discover these delectable pairings and find the ideal alcoholic beverage to enhance your coffee experience. Here’s to the perfect combination of coffee and spirits!

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