Coffee to Water Ratio Chemex

For coffee lovers, whether you’re new to brewing or experienced, the Chemex coffee maker is a great way to prepare a tasty cup of coffee. In addition to its impressive look, the Chemex is a symbol of contemporary design and is showcased at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

However, it’s not only about appearance — the Chemex brewing method produces a flavorful and pure cup of coffee, without any bitterness or residue. In order to begin your coffee journey, you will require the following necessities:

Chemex coffee brewer

Chemex Filter

Long-necked Kettle Burr Grinder Kitchen Scale or Tablespoon Measure Whole Bean Coffee Water at 205°F (96°C)


To begin your coffee experience with Chemex, begin by taking a Chemex filter, folding it, and placing it in the top of the brewer. Make sure that the three-tiered part is placed above the pouring spout.

To get the filter ready and prepare the brewer, dampen it with lukewarm water. Once the water has gone through the filter, remove the water while leaving the filter in position.

Assess and Crush

Going forward, grind your coffee to a medium-sized coarse grind. To keep the coffee to water ratio accurate, keep in mind this straightforward guideline: use 20 grams of coffee for every 325 grams of water, which is roughly a 1 to 16 proportion.

If you don’t have a kitchen scale, using one rounded tablespoon of ground coffee for every 5-ounce cup should be enough. Place the coffee grounds into the filter.

Allow It to Blossom

Once your water reaches its boiling point (the optimal temperature for brewing is 205°F or 96°C), take it from the heat.

Include a tiny quantity of water to dampen the coffee grounds, usually around double the weight of the coffee. For example, use 20 grams of coffee with 40 grams of water. Let this rest for around 45 seconds.

Keep pouring

After 45 seconds, start pouring the water over the coffee grounds in a circular or back-and-forth motion. This technique guarantees uniform absorption.

When pouring, keep the water level just below the top of the Chemex. Pour the rest of the water slowly onto the coffee grinds.

Finishing and waiting

Once you have emptied all the water, be patient. Wait until the liquid flow decreases to a soft drip before taking out the filter.

The suggested brewing duration ranges from 3 to 4 minutes. If your coffee brews too quickly or too slowly, think about changing the size of your coffee grounds.

Get rid of the filter

After brewing the necessary amount of coffee, cautiously take out the filter with the old coffee grounds from the coffee maker and discard it in the compost.

Have a pleasant experience with your coffee

Prior to pouring your coffee into your cup, remember to warm up your mug with hot water. This process guarantees that your coffee maintains its temperature when served, improving the overall enjoyment of sipping it.

Extra Suggestions for Brewing with Chemex

Avoid Excessive Extraction: 

Coffee can turn bitter when too much organic matter is removed into the boiling water. If you notice that your ground coffee has a considerable amount of small particles, think about getting a burr grinder to get a more uniform grind size.

Modify Brewing Time: 

If your brewing procedure takes more than 4 minutes, you may want to adjust the grind to be slightly coarser.

Best Water Temperature: 

The ideal range for water temperature is around 200°F (93°C). Do this by heating the water and letting it sit for a minute. Water that is excessively hot can burn the coffee, but water that is excessively cool will not extract sufficient flavor.

Try Different Ratios: 

Although the 1 to 16 ratio is a good place to begin, feel free to try out various coffee-to-water ratios to find the perfect combination of strength and flavor.

Importance of Freshness: 

To enjoy the optimal taste, it is recommended to use recently roasted beans. Coffee beans start to lose their taste soon after being roasted, so try to utilize beans within a couple of weeks of their roasting date.

Utilize High-Quality Water: 

The quality of the water you use has a notable impact on the flavor of your coffee. If the flavor or smell of your tap water is overpowering, you may want to use filtered or bottled water for a purer brew.


To sum up, making coffee using a Chemex is not only about aesthetics; it’s a technique that enables you to enjoy a flavorful and pure cup of coffee.

By adhering to the coffee to water ratio and these straightforward instructions, you may enhance your coffee experience and savor the ideal brew consistently. 

So, take your Chemex and prepare to enjoy the authentic flavor of coffee. By practicing and paying close attention to details, you can become skilled at brewing coffee with a Chemex, and enjoy the amazing world of coffee, one cup at a time.

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